Cash Flow Planning Beyond COVID-19: Reviving your Business

There's a lot of talk right now about how to keep your business afloat during these tough times, but we wanted to help you start thinking ahead to what happens when things start to go back to a version of normality.

In this webinar, we were joined by all star accounting expert and Xero Gold Partner, Graeme Tennick. ​

Graeme has spent the last few months, like most accountants, helping clients to tackle the huge changes brought by the pandemic.

But Graeme's been going a step further - he's helping clients plan for reviving their business in months to come. In this webinar, you'll learn:

1. The strategies that Graeme is using with his clients to help them not only get through this time, but to plan ahead for reviving their businesses once this is all over

2. How Float can help you map out what the new future will look like, and if you've received funding, how to plan for spending that money

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