Bank account balances

Where is the bank account balance imported from? Can I exclude certain accounts? Do I need to reconcile in my accounting software?

Float imports the bank accounts and credit card accounts directly from your accounting platform. For each of these Float will import the reconciled bank balance (Balance in Xero, In QuickBooks balance etc) and the sum of these is what you see as ‘Total reconciled cash’. The reason this balance is used is due to transactions needing to be reconciled so they can be accurately assigned in the cash flow and these balances reflect the reconciled state of the account. Similarly, if a transaction is unreconciled it will not be imported across to Float. As a result the more reconciled the accounting software the more accurate Float will be.

You will see the 'Total reconciled cash' figure displayed prominently above the graph along with an indicator of unreconciled value and how many bank accounts are included in the cash flow.


If you only want certain bank accounts to be included in the cash flow find out how here.


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