Step 4: Add in some new cash flow rows

The cash flow in Float is built using the chart of account categories from your accounting platform. By default any account that has cash value associated with it will be included in the cash flow, but what about those that don't yet have value, can these be added? Absolutely, these can be added from the 'Category Manager'.

  • Firstly, select the 'Category Manager' tab, here you will see a list of all accounts that are currently included in the cash flow.
  • To add in a new account simply hit the 'Add category' option shown above the list of included accounts which will generate a popover similar to the one shown below.

  • Here you can select the account you would like to add and whether it should show as cash in or cash out. Once you hit 'Add' the account will be added into the cash flow and will also show in the list of included accounts in the category manager.

Once added the account can then be budgeted against in the same was as any other account. Go ahead and give it a shot.

Now that the cash flow table has been set up let's include some expected sales!

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