Step 3: Double check invoice and bill payment dates

Invoices and bills play a huge part in the cash flow and making sure that the due dates are accurate plays an important role in this.

  • Select 'Invoices Due', here you'll find a list of all invoices that have been imported (these are sorted by expected date)
  • Click into an invoice that shows as overdue
  • You'll see a field for 'Expected on', go ahead and set this for a few weeks from now and once it saves, close the popover
  • You'll see that the invoice now shows as upcoming and is no longer red. This movement will also be reflected in the main cash flow table and graph
  • If you have an invoice that you know isn't going to be paid, click into it and switch the toggle to exclude the invoice - this doesn't change any data in your accounting software
  • You'll see that this invoice now appears with a line through it and this means it is no longer included in the cash flow

If you have quite a few invoices to sort through take a few minutes to make sure you're happy with the invoice dates. You can also do the same with bills, simply go to the 'Bills to Pay' section and carry out the same steps (the layout is very similar to 'Invoices Due').

Now that the invoices and bills are set up, let's add in some additional cash flow rows.

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