Step 5: Forecast some sales

Forecasting sales has a massive impact on the future cash flow so it's important to get a good handle on how this is achieved within Float. One important thing to mention before getting started is that, Float is about cash flow NOT about profit & loss! When you set a budget for sales we strongly recommend you think about when you will receive the cash, not when you will book the sale.

  • Below the graph you'll see a table split into 'Cash In' and "Cash Out'
  • Find your main revenue account and click into the cell for this month
  • A popover will be displayed showing both the actual value (invoices) and then a budget value
  • The popover will default to display the 'Create budget' screen and once this option is clicked you will find the options for adding in budgets
  • You are able to enter multiple budgets per cell so you can budget on a high level with a few main budgets or down to a client/project level with a budget for each individual payment that you think will happen

This will update your cash flow forecast straight away and you'll be able to see the impact on the graph. All budgets in Float are set in the same way so if you want to add some additional cash in budgets just now go for it, similarly if you want to add some cash out budgets these are entered in the same way (no need to add these as negative budgets).

Almost there, last but not least let's set up a scenario.

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