Adding staff to a company

Sometimes you may want to add a staff member from your practice to a client's account. You may want to restrict access to certain companies, which you can do. In order to do this, follow the steps below. 

First of all, in order to not use up one of your 'user' permissions, you need to add staff as 'staff members', rather than users. Here's how to do that:


1. Go to your dashboard 

2. Go to "manage users" on your practice



3. Click "Add another staff member" 


4. Enter your new staff member's details and click "add user"


Once you add a staff member, you will see this page. As soon as your new staff member verifies his/her account, they will no longer be a "pending user".

From here, you can navigate back to your dashboard, remove a staff member or add another staff member.

This will not mean the staff member has access to your own practice account - at this point they do not have access to any accounts yet.

You now need to manually add them to each client account you wish them to access. 

5. Now, you can go to each separate client account that you would like to add a staff member to, and grant them access. As long as they are listed as a 'staff member'.

First, go to the client account you would like your staff member to access. Click on the 'Users' drop down, and click 'Manage users'. 


6. Click on 'Invite a user to [company name]'


7. Fill in the staff name and email address. If the email address is already associated with a staff member, Float knows not to use up one of the 'user' permissions on the account.

The staff member will just need to go to their email and accept access.

Your staff member will now be added to that particular company. To add them to another company, follow the same steps. 

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