Projections created in Float

When a projection is created in Float it acts like a placeholder for cash coming into or leaving the business.

A few key points on projections:

  • A projection can be used as an indicator of an invoice that hasn't yet been raised. In this situation it is important to either delete or ignore the projection from the cash flow once the invoice is raised. If the projection isn't removed/ignored this could result in some double counting that would then throw off the cash flow.
  • When setting a projection, a date for the projection must be entered. If the projection isn't removed/ignored it will continue to roll forward past this date. For example, if a projection has a date of July 31st, but remains in the cash flow past July 31st it will simply roll over with the current day. So the projection entered for July 31st will rollover to August 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc and will continue to be included in the cash flow figures.
  • Projections can either be linked into projects in Float or can be set up as a stand alone, the behaviour of the projection in each case will be the same.

If you have any questions on projections in Float please let us know.

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