Adding a client company

Once you have set up your practice account you may want to add on some clients to check out Float and the process for this is quite straight forward.

Client accounts can be added using the following steps:

1. On the Float dashboard there is an option to 'Add a company'

2. Selecting this option will guide you through the process of adding a client company.

3. Once a client company has been successfully added it will appear under the 'My Organisations' tab.

4. From here clicking on the company name will present the cash flow of that company.

Note: When a client company is added it is automatically assigned to a payment plan based on how many users are registered to use the company (as shown below).

Client companies are still given a 30 day free trial, after which point they are automatically subscribed unless removed from Float. As billing is on the 1st of every month if the free trial crosses between 2 billing periods a charge may be applied for the remainder of the month following the end of the trial.

Not sure how to remove a client company? Check out how here.

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