Reporting in Float


If your video looks at all fuzzy, just increase your quality via the gear icon in the bottom right of the video player.

We have recently introduced a new reporting tab to Float, which we expect to build and improve upon. Currently the reports section contains 2 graphs. The first is for cash flow, where you can choose to compare multiple scenarios or even show a single scenario. Right now, you can set your date range in the top right corner, with some quick selection options:

Float Date Range


The graph can be viewed in days, weeks or months with multiple scenarios layered over one another:

Report in Float

 The second is a budget progress graph, showing the comparison of budgets vs. actuals:

Budgets vs. Actuals in Float

Hovering over the bars will bring up a popover, displaying the breakdown:


Both Graphs can be exported to PNG and then pasted into a report. 

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