Setting expected date for individual invoices/bills

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Modelling different expected dates for bills and invoices in Float can be done on both an individual basis and a bulk basis. Here we'll go through the options for doing this to individual invoices and bills. You can check out the bulk options here.

For setting an individual expected date first thing to do is click into the invoice you would like to update. You can either do this via the main cash flow by clicking into the relevant cell, selecting the 'Due' section from the budget popover and then clicking into the invoice/bill.

The other option is to locate the invoice/bill in the 'Invoices Due'/'Bills to Pay' section. Once selected the invoice popover will display all invoice details including the expected date. Initially this will default to the due date or expected date that has been set in the accounting platform.


To update this simply click into the date field which will generate a calendar date picker and a new expected date can be set. Once set click 'Save' at the bottom of the popover and this change will be reflected in the cash flow. The 'Add new payment' option allows you to split the invoice down into multiple payments and you can check out the steps around this here.

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