Batch set expected date

Updating expected dates one by one can be quite time consuming so we have introduced the ability to update in bulk. This option is available in both the 'Invoices Due' and 'Bills to Pay' sections of Float.

To use this option simply select the invoices/bills that you would like to update using the check boxes to the left side (if you want to select all click the check box in the table header).


Once the relevant invoices/bills are selected hit the 'Batch actions' option shown above the table followed by 'Set expected date' which will show the following popover.

Here you can see the number of invoices/bills selected, including the total value, along with two options for changing the expected dates. The first allows you to set all selected invoices/bills to the same date, i.e. if a client will pay a number of invoices on the same day. Here you will select the date that you would like to set.

The second option allows you to set the expected date to a number of days before or after the due date of each invoice selected.


To set the expected date after the due date of the selected invoices enter a positive number, to set the expected date prior to the due date simply enter a negative number. The number of days entered will then be applied to each invoice/bill selected and update the expected dates in the cash flow. If a client typically pays 10 days after the due date for example, you can easily update all of their invoices in one go.

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