Can I ignore invoices and bills in Float?

Yes you can!

Ignoring an invoice or bill in Float will remove it from your cash flow forecast. However it will not change anything in your accounting software and it will remain in Float in an ignored state.

How to ignore bills and invoices in Float

1. Navigate to ‘Invoices Due’ or ‘Bills to Pay’ in the primary navigation

2. To ignore a single item, simply click on it and uncheck the ‘Include in cash flow’ option in the pop up

3. To ignore multiple items, check the box to the left of each item you would like to ignore, then take a bulk action



How to ignore a bill or invoice from the cash flow table

When in the main cash flow table you can click into a cell and navigate to “expected”, click on “expected, locate the invoice you would like to ignore and click into it. In the top right of the invoice popover you will see an ‘Include in cash flow’ option.


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