Where can I see my upcoming invoices and bills in Float?

Float imports all your open bills and invoices and shows you how your bank balance will change when they are paid.

To view a list of all your invoices and bills, simply click on ‘Invoices Due’ or ‘Bills to Pay’ in the main navigation.



Here you will see when each item was generated, when they are (or were) due for payment and when the cash is expected to move. You are easily able to filter and edit your bills and invoices using the check boxes to the left and the batch actions above.

By default, Float predicts that bills and invoices will be paid on the due date (if the due date is in the future) or, if the due date is in the past (i.e. the bills or invoice is overdue), Float will predict that the payment will be made on today’s date.

For an accurate cash flow forecast, edit your expected dates to make sure that your expected payment dates are realistic.

How To See Bills & Invoices in the Cash Flow Table

You can also see bills and invoices in the main cash flow table. You can click on any cell to reveal the contents. If a cell contains invoices or bills these will show in the ‘Due’ and ‘Paid’ sections of the left side of the window.



When either is clicked on you will be able to see the individual invoices.


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