Float is showing overdue bills/invoices from months/years ago - what can I do?

By default any open invoices/bills that haven’t yet been matched/reconciled in your accounting software will import across to Float and show as open.

Float, by default, will assume that all overdue bills and invoices will be paid on today’s date. So it’s really important to delete, ignore or change the expected dates for any overdue items. Otherwise your starting cash balance for tomorrow will be wrong.

If you are seeing bills or invoices that you think shouldn’t be in Float there are a couple of things to check out:

1. Is the bill or invoice reconciled/matched in your accounting software? If not, then reconciling/matching then will correct what Float is displaying the next time data is imported.

2. Is the bill or invoice actually expected anymore? If the answer is no, delete the item in your accounting software and run an import to remove it from Float.

If the invoice/bill no longer exists in your accounting platform but is showing in Float, let us know and we can get things sorted.

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