Set budget from average

You can use the historical data imported into Float as the base of a budget by creating an average. This can be accessed from cells in the current month using the following steps:

  • Click into a cell in the current month to generate the budget popover
  • Click 'Create budget'
  • On the right side of the 'Amount' field you'll find a calculator
  • Click the calculator to access the averages option, which will allow you to use an average of the previous 3 months to generate a budget figure

Once you click the option for calculating an average Float will automatically generate this and use it to populate the budget amount field. This can then be pushed forward to future months or left as a single monthly budget value.

At the moment this functionality is available on a category by category basis. If you need to calculate an average for multiple categories just click into the corresponding cell in the current month for each category, set the average and save.

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