Import QuickBooks budget (scenario layer)

Using the scenario layer option it is possible to import a budget from QuickBooks into Float and display this in the cash flow. Float has access to all budgets that have been created in QuickBooks, however if multiple budgets have been created with the same name it is recommended to differentiate these in QuickBooks e.g. add the date it applies to, 16-17. The reason for this is to allow Float to differentiate between the various budgets. To get the budget imported follow these steps.

Select the scenario dropdown followed by 'Add scenario layer' which will generate the following popover.


In the 'Stack new layer on top of' dropdown you will find the option to use the Float Base scenario (Base) along with the option for the budgets from QuickBooks.


By selecting one of the budgets from QuickBooks this will be imported into the cash flow as the base scenario of the layer. The changes you make to the layer won't impact the budget figures that have been imported from QuickBooks and these will remain unchanged on the base layer. It's not possible to change the QuickBooks budget figures directly in Float, these would need to be updated in QuickBooks. It's also not possible to export the budget from Float directly into QuickBooks.

Now that you've set up the new scenario let's get to grips with scenario layer budgets.

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