Creating a scenario layer

If your video looks at all blurry, just increase your quality using the gear icon at the bottom right of the video.

Set up your base and looking to test out some what-if situations, scenario layers can help with that. When creating a new scenario layer this will be layered on top of your base scenario allowing you to see what impact changes have on the cash flow.

To get started hit the scenario dropdown shown just above the graph followed by 'New Scenario'. This will generate the following popover.

Give the scenario layer a name and colour (to differentiate it from other layers). In the 'Scenario base layer' you can choose which scenario this layer will be on top of, this will display the 'Float Base Scenario' (Base) and should you have budgets in your accounting platform these will also be displayed as options to layer on top of*. If you're looking to layer on 'Base' go ahead and choose 'Float Base Scenario' and hit 'Add scenario layer'. Now that you've set up the new scenario let's get to grips with scenario layer budgets.

*If you're looking to import the budget from your accounting platform and layer on that check out how to do this for Xero and QuickBooks.

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