Scenario layer budgets

Now that the scenario layer has been created let's sort out some budgets.

The first thing you will notice is that the cash flow cells contain the values from the scenario base layer. The reason for this is that the scenario layer is on top of another budget scenario, so if the cell in the scenario layer doesn't have a value the corresponding cell value on base will show through.

If you click into a budget cell you will see the same modal as normal with one small addition. Below the budget field the base budget value will be displayed.

If you then enter a budget figure and save, this new budget figure will be shown in the cash flow.

The cell will also be highlighted to reflect that this change relates to the scenario layer you are on.

When you update budgets in the scenario layer you will also notice that the graph adjusts to display two balance lines.

You'll see that one line reflects the balance of your original base while the other takes into account the changes made in the scenario layer. This allows you to easily see the impact of the changes you are making.

Should you not wish to remove the base value from appearing in the layer click into the cell and enter a budget of 0.

This will remove the base budget from the scenario layer but it will remain in base as normal. The cell will also highlight to show that the 0 is specific to this scenario layer.

If you decide that you would like to remove the budget that has been entered in the scenario layer just click into the cell and click the 'Use Base budget' option shown towards the bottom of the popover.

If you ever need to remove an entire scenario layer find out how here.

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